Leola Bell - Playboy Playmate of the Month, February 2012. Playmate Exclusives

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Leola Bell - Playboy Playmate of the Month, February 2012. Playmate Exclusives

Leola Bell - Playboy Playmate of the Month, February 2012. Playmate Exclusives
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Leola Bell has announced as the Miss February 2012. We met Leola earlier in the year in the Playboy Golf casting calls, and in the Playboy Miss Social contest. A recent interview with Leola Bell gleened the following information which you are sure to find fascinating.

Interview with Leola Bell

I think my best physical feature is: My eyes, but people never see them because there always staring at my breasts ha ha — so I’ll throw those guys on the list too.
Men say my best physical feature is: My small waist and my breasts for sure.
I wish more men would: Realize they don’t have to try so hard! Be yourself. And when you’re on a date, keep your eyes off other women! Jeez!
The key to my heart is: Laughter, respect, and good sex.
Compliment me on: My intellect and my Playboy spread. (I will get one, dammit!)
How much should a man groom his private parts?: As much as possible, with daily touchups. Nothing worse than smells and tangles down there.
My grooming down there: Goes between waxing and shaving. No hair. I live in Florida, and it’s hot!
Favorite style of panties: That would be a big none, but if I’m going to church, a wedding, or a funeral I wear thongs as a rule.
What I like in a bra: Something sexy and comfortable.
Pet name for my boobs: Ha! Um, I haven’t really thought about it. Let’s go with “the girls.”
What I love about my boobs: They are pretty big, but they are very nice to look at. And perky!
Physical feature I like to show off: My legs. I’m a Daisy Dukes kinda girl.
Something stupid men do or say when they first meet me: Are you a model? ‘Cause you should be. Ugh. Hate that.
I will sleep with you when: We are in a relationship, or headed for one very soon.
I will never sleep with you if: You are pushy about it.
My philosophy of sex: It’s amazing. Do it every day. Even if you’re just doing it with yourself.
My philosophy of life: Be true to yourself, march to the beat of your own drum and don’t be afraid of what other people think. As long as your not hurting anyone, do what you want!
I should be on the cover of Playboy because: There’s never been a Playmate quite like me. I’ll bring a quiet, confident sexiness that hasn’t been seen since the first lady of Playboy, Marilyn Monroe

Leona Bell Vital Stats

Measurements: 35D-23-34
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 114 lbs
Hometown/Birthplace: Rockville, MD.

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