Lilianna V4.2

Posted By: Alexpal
Lilianna V4.2

Lilianna V4.2 | 29 Mb

Young and beautiful with a terrific set of fantasy and traditional make up and a beautiful skin makes Lilianna for V4.2 a character package that you must have on your Runtime folder. Scroll down and take look at at the awesome Second Skin set that comes with this package

Facts about this package:
• If you wish to use clothing props for Lilianna for V4.2 it is advisable that you do not install the body morphs on the character, unless the props have enough morph dials to accommodate the transformation of body parts.

File list:
• 1 3500x3500 HighRes Body texture
• 1 3500x3500 HighRes Body Bump Map
• 1 3500x3500 HighRes Head texture
• 1 3500x3500 HighRes Head Bump Map
• 1 3500x3500 HighRes Limbs texture
• 1 3500x3500 HighRes Limbs Bump Map
• 8 3500x3500 HighRes Head Make Up textures
• 6 3500x3500 HighRes Second Skin mats
• 2 3500x3500 HighRes Second Skin bump maps
• 1 1000x1000 HighRes Sclera Texture
• 1 1000x1000 HighRes Sclera Bump Map
• 1 1000x1000 HighRes Cornea Transparency
• 1 2048x2048 HighRes Teeth & Gum texture
• 1 2048x2048 HighRes Teeth & Gum Bump Map
• 1 1000x1000 HighRes Eye lashes transparency
• 5 1000x1000 HighRes Eye color textures
• 1 1000x1000 HighRes Eye Bump Maps