Daz3D Mood Master D|S Z-Depth FX Layers

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Daz3D Mood Master D|S Z-Depth FX Layers

Daz3D Mood Master D|S Z-Depth FX Layers
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With this revolutionary new layering system, you can add real depth and cool effects to your renders. Mood Master produces an Effect Layer that can be mixed with your original render in Photoshop or Gimp for unlimited possibilities.


* Personal Forum Support
* 10 incredible effects
o Groundbreaking Deep Fog that will add real depth fog/haze to your images never before seen in DAZ|Studio
o Deep Fog Fall Off
o Deep Fog Texture
o Deep Fog Noise
o Cool Rain
o Ice Cold Snow
o Hot Sun Glow
o Bright Lens Flare
o Striking Color Gradient
o Additional Fast Fog
* Adjust color, position, rotation, scale and opacity, and more
* Works indoors and outdoors with any scene of any size with any props
* Produce a single effect layer or multiple effect layers for out-of-this world control and speed - without re-rendering your original render
* Play with the layers in postwork and alter color and intensity in seconds
* Create Z-Depth Masks
* Renders fast - doesn´t use any lights or shadows
* Stack Effect Layers on top of each other for unlimited effects
* Requires an external image processing software like Photoshop or Gimp (free) that supports layers with the Screen feature
* Tutorial for using Photoshop/Gimp included
* Your graphic card must support transparency for previewing purposes (In DAZ|Studio: Help/about your graphic card/Texture units must show four or above)
* Requires latest version of your Graphics Card Driver and Direct X
* Required: Your scene must be lit before applying the MM
* Compatible with any Dreamlight light sets and any other lights or light sets on the market
* User Manual included

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