Nerd and Preppie, Schoolgirls for A4V4

Posted By: Alexpal
Nerd and Preppie, Schoolgirls for A4V4

Nerd and Preppie, Schoolgirls for A4V4 | 34 Mb

Hi my name is Shiori, I have no idea why people call me a nerd. I guess I'm a bit of a slob, the teachers here are always telling me to tuck in my shirt, roll down my sleeves, and pull up my socks, but I always forget. This is Yuka she never forgets, her school uniform is always perfect, she seems more interested in boys than books and computers and stuff. Her loss. Funny thing, I always seem to have accidents around Yuka, I don't know why. Anyway you can put Yuka and I into your scenes if you buy this set, the package comes with my admittedly sloppy blouse with rolled up sleeves and writing utensils in the pocket, and her nice neat long sleeved shirt and two versions of the skirt, one which conforms which will be better for animators, and one which moves with morphs which will be better for posing still scenes.

We never show our underwear, but be sure that we are good girls and never go out without underwear so there is a pair in this set.

You also get the patent leather shoes you see us wearing, the shoes come with a morph to make them slightly more "Toony". you also get two pair of socks, my socks which never seem to stay up, and Yuka's neat as a pin socks. The set also comes with two hairstyles, my ponytails are not exactly neat but they keep the hair out of my eyes, Yuka has really nice long hair that she wouldn't be caught dead having anyone see even a little messy. You also get my glasses, and my wristwatch, and my books with EasyPose straps. The set also comes with the school hallway you see behind us, the lockers and the door to the classroom open and close(classroom not included).