Daz3D PWSurface

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Daz3D PWSurface

Daz3D PWSurface
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A potent surface shader that brings a wealth of professional features to DAZ|Studio. You'll be able to render lush, soft skin, luxurious jade, marble and many other different kinds of materials, using powerful tools like subsurface scattering, translucence, ambient occlusion and translucence.


* Can be used with any figure, object or map that you own
* Soft Diffusion and Specularity gives you precision control over how light hits the surface
* Subsurface Scattering allows light to enter and illuminate the surface from within, and is the technique professionals use for simulating skin
* Ambient Occlusion shadows wrinkles and crevasses, bringing definition and detail to your renders
* Translucence allows light to shine through one side of the surface to the other, and is perfect for plant stems and leaves
* One-click quality control lets you pick your render time without any hassles
* An interactive tutor that shows you the effects of each property and helps you pick settings as you go
* Five material presets to help you get started
* All standard surface features are supported.


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