Steam Dragon

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Steam Dragon

Steam Dragon | 5 Mb

Are you ready for the battle of your life? Climb behind the controls of the Steam Dragon, a fully posable figure with two heavy-duty guns and a mean pair of jaws. It walks, it flies, it blasts fire from its nostrils!
Included are three poses for the dragon and four pilot poses for M1, M3, V3, and V4.


* Steam Dragon (cr2 & obj)
o BendAft
o BendFArms
o BendNeck
o BendTail
o EngineFire
o FireAll
o OpenWings
o RotateAllF
o SSideAft
o SSideTail
o ThrowFire
o TwistShldrs
o UpDownAll
* Steam Dragon Guns (cr2 & obj)
o FireAll
o UpDownAll

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