The Grappler

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The Grappler

The Grappler | 33 Mb

'In dark corners shall a terror yield,
A fearsome vine that shall deceive,
The bravest heart will have no shield,
As strikes a monster to make souls grieve.'

Introducing a fantastic alien creature that will hang from a ceiling waiting for any unsuspecting prey to wander below.
This figure is fully articulated and the whole body can sway back and forth. Armed with six sharp claws that will all grasp at once with the use of just one dial. The eyes are all moveable, as well as a separate eye membrane.

The body will morph to show the creature inhale, make the claws longer, close the nasal passages and make the sucker larger. There's a morphable stomach which will open and extend, out of which protrudes a conforming tentacle.

The tentacle uses Easy Pose dials which makes it extremely flexible. Inside the stomach is a set of vicious looking teeth that will also morph. Included are 4 great skin textures for both body and tentacle, the body textures come in hi-res 4000 x 4000 pixels and low-res 1024 x 1024 pixels, there is also one great looking Bloody texture in both hi and low res.

There are 8 detailed eye textures. All texture sets come with bump and displacement settings. Included are all materials settings for DAZ Studio 2.

Look out for the City Sewer or Industrial scenes by Predatron that are perfect locations to site your Grappler figures.

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The Grappler
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