The Chaos Slasher

Posted By: Alexpal
The Chaos Slasher

The Chaos Slasher | 22 Mb

Heralding from an alternate dimension some call “Hell”, the Chaos Slasher is the result of a human man becoming infected with an amorphous unidimensional being. The dark entity eventually consumed his flesh requiring the use of an apparatus to hold back the forces of gravity and enable it to maintain a humanoid shape. He draws power from suffering and the rending of human flesh by blade.

The Chaos Slasher is an original poser figure with built on clothing, a removable, posable hood and removable gauntlet armor smart props. He includes an original blade weapon and two alternate colors the sash. Designed to be lite weight and lo poly the Chaos Slasher is easily posed and moved about your scene and animates well. Additionally, the Chaos Slasher accepts all the poses included in the massive Chaos Vampire pose set.

Purchasers caring to leave a product review and posting an IM notifying me of your review will receive some “Chaos Warriors” related bonus props.

This product is design for use with Poser 7. It has been tested in Poser 5 and works fine but will produce a Poser version error message until you load and resave the Cr2 file.