Toghrul for Koji G2

Posted By: Alexpal
Toghrul for Koji G2

Toghrul for Koji G2 | 40 Mb

Toghrul comes from Mongolia, where the wind and weather rapidly take their toll on any exposed skin. He's not as old as he looks with his beard and moustache, and the no facial hair option rapidly takes years off him!
There are eight separate facial sets, to allow you to mix and match his head hair,beard, moustache, or no hair at all to get the look you want.

Although Toghrul includes poses and materials for Poser 5+, all the textures options are supplied as complete sets and not overlaid in Poser (which is why the download is so big!) so you can use him in DAZ Studio or Poser 4 with a little manual adjustment.

# Featuring: Realistic skin texture created from photographs, with bmp and specularity maps
# Options to include or exclude head hair skullcap, beard, moustache or any combination of them
# Six realistic eyes
# Custom head morph with poses to inject and remove it
# Genital texture
# Textures can be applied either through MAT poses or material collections, both supplied

-Eye textures are 1000x1000
-Body textures are 3451x4000
-Head textures are 4000x3500
-Lash transparency is 500x500
-Tooth texture is 1000x1000