Posted By: Alexpal

ToonWheeler | 22 Mb

Can a truck be a truck and still be… cute? We hope so. The ToonWheeler does everything a truck should do and more. The ToonWheeler can also be used in the real world adding just a bit of quirk and character to a lonely street.


* ToonWheeler(.CR2 and .OBJ)
o Movable ToonWheeler Parts
+ Opening Doors
+ Rolling Tires
+ Opening Tail Gate
+ Steering front wheel
+ Adjustable Mirrors
+ Removable Cargo Cab
* Textures
o 8 Headlight/Eye Texture Maps
+ Eyes Shock (500x500)
+ Eyes Awe (500x500)
+ Eyes Left (500x500)
+ Eyes Right (500x500)
+ Eyes Lens (500x500)
+ Eyes Up (500x500)
+ Eyes Down (500x500)
+ Toon Eyes (500x500)
o 1 Body Bottom Texture Map (3500 X 3500)
o 1 Body Parts Texture Map (3500x3500)
o 1 Body Top Texture Map (3500x3500)
o 1 Dash Gauge Texture Map (350x350)
o 1 Reflection Map (640x512)
o 1 Toonlens Caps Texture Map (500x500)
o 1 Trim Texture Map (3500x3500)