Wee Beasties: Horsie Pack

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Wee Beasties: Horsie Pack

Wee Beasties: Horsie Pack | 8 Mb

Wee Beasties are cute baby mythological creatures. The Horsie Pack features – Winged Horse and Hippocampus: cute little ponies for land, sea and air. Includes a bonus figure: Unicorn Fully Articulated Head: posable eyes, ears, eyelids, and jaw.
Morphs: the standard compliment of facial morphs, including smiling, frowning, brow worry and scowl, cheek puffing and scrunching, etc. Standard Poses: the Wee Beasties take all standard Poser Horse poses (including those for the DAZ Charger and 3DM's Heavy Horse). Interchangeability: The Horsies can share morph targets for the head, and most body parts up to the hip. ?The UVMapping is also identical up to the hip, so it is quite simple to create maps for both with half the work. Texture Maps: The winged horsie comes in white and palomino; the hippocampus has a white texture, and a blue-green texture.

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Wee Beasties: Horsie Pack
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