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WillowBlade | 37 Mb

With oriental mystique and styling grace this conforming fantasy outfit is ready for Victoria 4 and Aiko 4! The Willowblade collection comes with a variety of beautiful resolution texture maps: monarch, royal, twilight and willow along with a brilliant selection of colored MATs and trim colors.


* 1 Conforming Fantasy Outfit for V4(.CR2 and .OBJ)
* 9 Different Outfit Styles (.PZ2):
o Monarch
o Royal
o Twilight
o Willow
o Red
o Green
o Yellow
o Blue
o Black
* 9 Different Trim Styles (.PZ2):
o Black
o Blue
o Green
o Monarch
o Red
o Royal
o Twilight
o Willow
o Yellow
* Aiko 4 Morphs:
o FBMA4AikoBody
o FBMA4AikoPetite
o FBMA4Realistic
o FBMA4Stylized
* Victoria 4 Morphs:
o FBMAmazon
o FBMBodyBuilder
o FBMBulk
o FBMFitness
o FBMThin
o FBMVoluptuous
o FBMYoung
o PBMAdjustBreasts
o PBMAdjustHips
o PBMAdjustShins
o PBMAdjustThighs
o PBMAdjustTorsoUp
o PBMAdjustWaist
o PBMAreolaPerk
o PBMBellySmooth
o PBMBellyThickness
o PBMBellyThin
o PBMBreastsCleavage
o PBMBreastsCleavageWidth
o PBMBreastsDiameter
o PBMBreastsDroop
o PBMBreastsFlatten
o PBMBreastsHangForward
o PBMBreastsImplant
o PBMBreastsLarge
o PBMBreastsNatural
o PBMBreastsPerk
o PBMBreastsSize
o PBMGluteRaiseL
o PBMGluteRaiseR
o PBMGlutesSize
o PBMHipsSize
o PBMInhale
o PBMNeckThickness
o PBMNipples
o PBMNipplesDepth
o PBMNipplesHeight
o PBMShinsThickness
o PBMStomachDepth
o PBMThighsThickness
o PBMThighsTone
o PBMTorsoThickness
o PBMTummyOut
o PBMWaistWidth
* Adjustment and Fit Morphs:
o frillbacklong2
o frillbacklong3
o frillbacklong
o frillflare2 1
o frillflare2
o frillflare3
o frillflare
o frilllength 1
o frilllength
o leftlegback2
o rightlegback2
o windyback
o windyfront
o windyleft
o windyright
* 17 Textures Included:
o 3 Choker Textures (2000x2000)
o 1 Choker Texture (3000x3000)
o 4 Frill Textures (3000x3000)
o 4 Halter Textures (3000x3000)
o 4 Trouser Textures (3000x3000)
o 1 Reflection Textures (350x285)
* P5+ Material Poses (.PZ2)

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