- Silvia Saint - Scene #9

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Silvia is 23 years old, 5'6" tall, and weighs 114 pounds. She is probably one of the biggest stars in Adult Films right now and is featured in more videos and magazines than we can list or count. ALS was very lucky to be able to get her. She is super sweet and not the hardened actress that we were expecting to see. She was a pure joy to work with. When she got here we went shopping for clothes. It was lots of fun. Silvia hates to wear a bra and loves to wear skimpy see through tops and very short shorts. She would try on some clothes (a top for example) and we would be waiting outside of the dressing room. She would walk out in just the top and thong see-through undies. She would ask, "How does this look?" as half the people in the store stared. If clothes shopping were this much fun I bet all guys would be doing it! She just didn't care - hell I even had to tell her to close the dressing room door a few times because she left it wide open. (The last thing I wanted was to have her get arrested.) Anyway, at the shoot she just kept wanting more. She LOVES anal and gave us some of the best gaping hole shots we have ever photographed. The one thing Silvia was not comfortable doing was peeing. But she did an exclusive peeing scene for ALS and said that she has never done that before on camera and will not do it for anybody else. (We are so lucky!). We were also the first company to ever shoot her totally shaved. Models just love doing things for us. Silvia likes to read books, sew, and exercise. She does prefer romantic good sex (with love). She likes performing for the camera and loves to get off on film but she says this is just a job. "Nothing beats hard sweaty sex with a man equipped with huge cock, that you are also in love with." Silvia listens to Blues and Soul music (like BB King) and loves animals. "Animals are so innocent, and their love is always there when you need it." Her fantasy is to have sex in a restaurant full of people, tied down to the four legs of the table, and getting fucked by 4 or 5 men. Her measurements are 36C-23-35.