AmbientLight High Resolution Textures

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AmbientLight High Resolution Textures
About ambientLight:
ambientLight is a provider of high resolution textures and 3D models to architects, designers, digital artists and gamers. Our texture collections are hand edited to tile seamlessly and are supplied as High Quality JPEGS for maximum compatibility with all the major graphics applications.
Our Multibuy Offer includes our entire range of Texture Packs, as well as the Road and Car Park generators. All of our packs are at a minimum of 1024 pixels square and are hand edited so that they tile perfectly, whatever application you use them in! See all the individual pack details from the menu to get all the information you need.
Need high resolution road textures? Seamless 2400 pixel Road Textures can be made using our psd generators. Switch in a combination of Road surfaces, lines and dirt layers to get the surface you need.

Beach Texture Pack
Brick Wall Texture Pack
Car Park, Parking Lot Texture Generator
Concrete Texture Pack
Cotswold Stone Wall
Domestic Carpet Texture Pack
Forest Floor Texture Pack
Grass Texture Pack
Office Carpet Texture Pack
Perfect Lawn Texture Pack
Road Texture Map Generator
Stone Paving Texture Pack
Stone Wall Texture Pack
Wood Floor Texture Pack

Download (137mb total, will be 311mb when unrared):