Animated Shortcuts AiO

Posted By: smallsbig
Animated Shortcuts AiO


Ever wanted to have animated shorcuts on your desktop and never knew how to make it happen? You're in luck. I'll show you step-by-step of the very easy process to get those really cool, animated shortcuts on that dull desktop! LOL

Tutorial video and everything you need is included.


AveDesk 1.1
92 Animated Shortcuts [self-extracting archive]

Animated Shortcuts [tutorial video] by: vertigo173
TechSmith Screen Capture Codec 2.0.6

"Animated Shortcuts"
by: vertigo173

Resolution: 1024x768
Audio: None
Codec: Techsmith
Running Time: 15 minutes, 13 seconds

*Note: Make sure you install the codec, so that the movie will playback properly.