Set of Pics of Rosetti Dante Gabriel

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Set of Pics of Rosetti Dante Gabriel

Rosetti Dante Gabriel

Born in London to parents of Italian descent in 1828, Dante Gabriel Rossetti carried his continental heritage with him throughout his life, despite his British citizenship and residency. The family was artistic in nature – his brother, Wililam Michael (1829-1919), became a writer and critic, and his sister, Christina (1830-1894), a celebrated poet. From the first, Dante Gabriel was talented as both a painter and a poet, and was often torn as to which gift he should foster. He received minimal formal artistic training, taking classes at Carey’s Academy and the Royal Academy; his tenure at both was brief, as his unconventional personality was stifled by the strict teaching methods employed. He left these traditional academic institutions to train with two artists, first Ford Madox Brown and later William Holman Hunt. Although he experienced similar frustration with private instruction, his relationship with Hunt led to the formation of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in 1848 with five other young men.

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