Set of Pics of Miles Williams Mathis

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Set of Pics of Miles Williams Mathis

Mile Williams Mathis

Miles Williams Mathis was born in Amarillo, Texas. His earliest claim to an artistic future was a train drawn with perspective when he was 3 years old. The drawing was saved and his mother dated it and wrote on it this exchange: (Mom) "But Miles, why is the caboose smaller than the engine?" (Miles) "Because it is farther away." Miles' parents were not artists and he had not been taught perspective, so this was not a leading question. His Mom was more than a bit shocked. Had she been an artist or a social scientist, she might have been even more shocked. As a young teenager Miles was one of the top junior golfers in the state, winning many regional tournaments. He also placed in several local tennis tournaments. In this period he became a fledgling wildlife artist, beginning by copying Clark Bronson drawings when he was 11, moving on to drawing from wildlife photographs in magazines like National Geographic and finally working from his own photographs and from nature.

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