Astronomical Wallpapers

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Astronomical Wallpapers

Astronomical Wallpapers
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A few words about mirroring: my files are hosted on RS, I "pay" this hosting every 30 days with the points I earn because people like you DL these files. Usually I earn more from Wallpapers like those in this page, people seem to really like them. But I post soundtracks and other music too. Less popular but appreciated anyway. And my main interest too.
Someone is complaining about RS, I think mainly because its time-limit, but I find it reliable: my stuff is still there after months even if nobody is downloading it.

Q.- Why don't I move stuff to some other service?
A.- Cause I have 15 Gb of files on RS. If people complaining would like to move 'em for me somewhere else I'll be very thankful. I simply don't have the time.

Q.-Why mirroring of alive links menace me? And you too.
A.- 'Cause, as I said, I earn the space for the stuff you download just because of the download itself. I organize stuff, put it together, check it, post it. You download from the mirror, and I will not get the points. No points at the end of the month, all my stuff at RS will be swept away. No problem for me, but many good music links here on AvaxHome will point to just another dead link.
For sure I'm not going to pay to keep on posting, I'm not that altruistic. While the mirrorer itself will get money from my post. Money, not points. Just ask yourself what they will mirror when everybody else will have enough of this fruitless, even if small, effort.

Anyway this words are just here to make things clear, no offence intended, peace and good health to everybody, as usual. See you later, here or somewhere else.