Charlie Chaplin Series : Post 2 - City Lights (XviD, DVDRip)

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Post 2: City Lights (1931)

City Lights confirms the indestructibility of Chaplin’s art, not only as an actor but as a director. He was also the producer, the author and scenarist, the editor, and had written the music which accompanied it. Arguably, his greatest work!

Title: City Lights
Date of Release: January 6, 1931
Genre: Comedy/Romance, Silent
Running Time: 83 minutes
Language: English

Size: 690 MB
Archive Info: 8 parts
Quality: XVid, DVDrip

Cast: Charles Chaplin (Little Tramp); Virginia Cherrill (Flower Girl); Harry Myers (Eccentric Millionaire);

Robert Horton wrote a good review of the film:
City Lights is a film to pick for the time capsule, a film that best represents the many aspects of director-writer-star Charlie Chaplin at the peak of his powers: Chaplin the actor, the sentimentalist, the knockabout clown, the ballet dancer, the athlete, the lover, the tragedian, the fool. It's all contained in Chaplin's simple story of a tramp who falls in love with a blind flower girl. Chaplin elevates the Victorian contrivances of the plot to something glorious with his inventive use of pantomime and his sure grasp of how the Tramp relates to the audience. In 1931, it was a gamble for Chaplin to stick with silence after talking pictures had killed off the art form that had made him famous, but audiences flocked to City Lights anyway. (Chaplin would not make his first full talking picture until 1940's The Great Dictator.) After all the superb comic sequences, the film culminates with one of the most moving scenes in the history of cinema, a luminous and heartbreaking fade-out that lifts the picture onto another plane. (Woody Allen paid homage to the scene at the end of Manhattan.) This is why the term "Chaplinesque" became a part of the language.

Here are the download links:
(You'll need to rename the files once you finished downloading) -> rename to -> Chaplin.City_Lights.part1.rar -> rename to -> Chaplin.City_Lights.part2.rar -> rename to -> Chaplin.City_Lights.part3.rar -> rename to -> Chaplin.City_Lights.part4.rar -> rename to -> Chaplin.City_Lights.part5.rar -> rename to -> Chaplin.City_Lights.part6.rar -> rename to -> Chaplin.City_Lights.part7.rar -> rename to -> Chaplin.City_Lights.part8.rar

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