Christina Renee Designs: Endless Elements - Borders

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Christina Renee Designs: Endless Elements - Borders

Christina Renee Designs: Endless Elements - Borders
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LOVE the bright colors in these. I have had PRIMARY colors on the brain lately and these definately filled that void! I thought of Endless Elements because there will be SO many more additions to this collection using the same concept. You can NEVER have enough color, felt and buttons, right? This set of borders is square and circular felties linked together with LARGE buttons in many different colors. These were originally 12" long and 4 WHOPPING inches wide but I decided to make them 6" long and 2" wide instead. This will allow you to better frame in those pictures. If you decide to border your entire page it is REALLY simple to place 2 together. It would have been much harder to cut them in half which is why I made the 6". Obviously you arent just limited to borders with this set. Get creative, who can go wrong with these!

7-Two (2) Color Borders-No Drop Shadows*
3-Multi-color Borders-No Drop Shadows*


7-Two (2) Color Borders-Includes Drop Shadows*
3-Multi-color Borders-Includes Drop Shadows*

*All the buttons on every border have a VERY slight shadow onto the felties to make them more realistic. I included 10 with overall shadows and 10 without.

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