Darkness, Light, Darkness (Tma světlo tma)

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A man fills an empty room with his body, senses, his existence. But his existence is fragile and temporary and as he came at the darkness he leaves for the darkness. The film is remarkable for both its excellent animation of clay and real objects and the philosophical attitude to the question of human life.

Jan Švankmajer: The Prodigious Animator from Prague
The Czech animated-film director, visual artist, and surrealist Jan Švankmajer is one of the most remarkable filmmakers of the last three decades.

“The movie-going world is split into two unequal camps: those who have never heard of Jan Svankmajer, and those who happen upon his work and know that they have come face to face with genius.” -Anthony Lane, THE NEW YORKER

more information: http://www.illumin.co.uk/svank/films/darkness/darkness.html

animation/7 minutes