Defense Against Invasion

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Defense Against Invasion

Defense Against Invasion (1943) (12 minutes)
Presents the importance of immunization of children against infectious diseases. Parallels are drawn between the spread of disease and the spread of a war-time enemy by the means of the animation techniques for which the Disney Studio was so famous. An interesting look into the propaganda techniques of the 1940's.

This short begins with live action footage of a group of children in a doctor's office. One of the kids, named Tubby, is going in for a vaccination. The doctor decides to show the children how their bodies work to fight off disease. At this point, animation is used to show the parts of the body carrying out their function. The body is personified as a city, and along the highway arteries, blood workers travel. An unwanted visitor--a germ--sneaks in, and multiplies to the music of Grieg's "Peer Gynt." The germs take over the body and...death. The point being, vaccination is good and protects people from deadly disease. There's a more complex, sophisticated look and style to its animation, and the live action footage looks remarkable for something sixty years old.