Device Font Collection

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Device Font Collection

Collection of retro-esque fonts by Rian Hughes,Device Fonts
20MB | T1, TTF & OT formats

Rian Hughes is a British graphic designer, illustrator and comics artist, noted for his work on 2000AD, where he illustrated Robo-Hunter, Tales from Beyond Science, Really and Truly and Dan Dare, among others. His work was highly distinctive, wearing its design influences on its sleeve, daring to be two-dimensional and bold in its use of large expanses of flat, bold colours. This stood out particularly during the early 1990s, when British comics were leaning ever more towards fully-painted art. Unusually, Hughes preferred to be his own letterer, and designed several unusual fonts for this purpose.

Hughes' has described typography as "the particle physics of design". Hughes' interest in letterforms began at an unusually young age thanks to a Letraset catalogue his architect father had lying about the studio. At 15 he visited Letraset, where he saw Rubylith being used for the first time to create type.

This is the technique he used in the early days of his career when producing custom type for his design work. Early fonts like Crash Bang Wallop and Revolver (originally designed for Speakeasy and Revolver magazine respectively) were digitisations of fonts originally done in this old-fashioned method of Rubylith on board.

His first fonts were released back in 1992 as part of the FontFont range, while subsequent designs have been released via his own foundry, Device Fonts.


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