Dosch 3D Buildings Vol 1

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Dosch 3D Buildings Vol 1
Dosch 3D Buildings Vol 1
Dosch 3D Buildings Vol 1

Dosch 3D Buildings Vol 1
rar | 8 part | 230 MB | 50 models | 3DS C4D LWO DXF OBJ

50 very detailed 3D-models from a diverse building-type range. Included are single-family homes, villas, high-rise, hotels, shops, corporate & factory buildings, refinery, power plant, sports arenas, hangars and more.

All elements of buildings -incl. their surfaces- are customizable. Thus, the creation of variations and buildings with different character is easy and quick. The distinct building parts (roofs, chimneys, balconies, stair-cases) can also be combined all new for the creation of wholly unique buildings. I.e. the product provides an almost unlimited number of variations/options.

Dosch 3D: Buildings V1 significantly improves and speeds up building urban scene visualizations for architects, city developers, contractors, craftsmen, design offices, and cityscape visualization specialists.

Use this product for:
Adding building details to city planning designs
Depiction of house-color and material options for building exteriors
Background buildings for architectural visualization
Movies, animation, computer games & motion rides
Visualization of outside advertising
Planning and visualization of security systems
Lighting simulation
Presentation of construction projects
Illustrations on construction information boards
Interior architecture
Facility management
Traffic planning

The 3D-models are provided in the formats 3DS, Cinema4D (version 7 and higher), Lightwave (Version 6 and higher), OBJ

This product is compatible with:
3ds max
3DS VIZ 4 and above
Animatek World Builder
Art.lantis 1.1 / R
Autodesk Image Studio
Autodesk Studio Tools
Carrara 3 - 5
Cinema4D (V5.2+above)
Cinema4D (V7+above)
Cinema4D (V8+above)
Deep Paint 3D
Electric Image
LightWave3D (V6-V9)
MicroStation V8 XM
Opticore Opus Realizer
Opticore Opus Studio
Poser 4 - 6
Realsoft 3D
Shade (ExpressionTools)
SketchUp (@Last Software)
Strata3D CX
trueSpace (Caligari)
Visual Nature Studio
Vue (d´Esprit) 4 & 5
World Construction Set

size packed: 230 Mb
size unpacked: 645 MB

rar | 8 part | 230 MB | 50 models | 3DS C4D LWO DXF OBJ

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