Dosch 3D Comics Vol. 1

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Dosch 3D Comics Vol. 1

Dosch 3D: Comics are fun and attention-getting characters. These very expertly designed 3D-characters can be used as message communicators, mascots or just plain fun-elements for corporate, sports-club or small-business advertising and representation.

These positive characters are perfect as virtual assistants in online-shops or for "adding life" and a personal touch to catalogs, print-media etc. They can also be used for animating ones own cartoons.
The objects can be animated, yet do not come "with bones".

Comics Vol. 1
The 1st installment of 20 characters includes "the little guy", "neutron man", "dumb beaver", "green witch" and "Zorro-rat". All characters are provided ready-to-go for full 3D-animation and can easily be "posed" as desired.
Each character is provided in a neutral standing pose (T-position) plus one additional pose.

Change colors and reflections with your preferred 3D-animation software (3DSM/V, LW3D, C4D, Maya etc.).

rar | 8 part | 108MB | 20 models | 3DS LWO OBJ C4D

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