Dosch 3D Packaging Design

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Dosch 3D Packaging Design

Dosch 3D Packaging Design | 170 MB

Dosch 3D: Packaging Design contains over eighty 3D-models for packaging and product design. The 3D-models are each fully textured, and all that needs to be done for a finished product is to put the respective company logo, product label, book title on the 3D-objects provided in this product.
Packaging colors can be individualized (green or brown glass, white or blue card board, plastic etc.).

The product saves substantial time with the presentation of many products, design prototypes and variations thereof. Whether it's the depiction of a finished product, or a product in the development stage, intermediate or final steps of product promotion can be much less time-consuming with Dosch 3D: Packaging Design.

Contained are designs for corrugated cardboard boxes, bottles (plastic, glass), cans (aluminum, steel), jars, cosmetics packaging, shopping bags, CD- and DVD-cases, books and magazines (open and closed), stationary (envelope, post card, binder), calendar, newspaper, credit- or membership cards, gift boxes, TV- and computer screens … and more.

All 3D-models in Dosch 3D: Packaging Design can be modified in many ways, and therefore be customized according to the specific needs and design details of the object/product at hand. This product is license-free, i.e. the 3D-models can be used repeatedly and with no time limit.

The 3D-models are provided in the formats 3DS, Lightwave, C4D, OBJ and DXF, and the associated textures in the industry-standard JPEG-format. This way the 3D-models can be used in all widely used 3D- and CAD programs.