Dosch LayerFX - New Technology

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Dosch LayerFX - New Technology

Innovative developments, mobile, digital, DV.
The product contains 16 high-resolution images which have been created for the direct use in image processing.

The Dosch LayerFX products contain extraordinary motives which give you a degree of creative freedom that is clearly groundbreaking. All motives are set up as Photoshop layers and can therefore be changed and tweaked for maximum individuality by emphasizing certain elements and phasing out others. The product is a valuable creative source of high adaptability, and will serve you well for many future design projects. You can save time by use the images directly from the CD (as supplied), or take the motives as a starting point for your own modified creations. In any case you always profit by saving time and cutting design cost. Spare yourselves complicated copyright negotiations and related fees with our license-free Dosch Graphics LayerFX products.

Size: 4700 x 3300 Pixel
(15.5 x 11 inches at 300 dpi)
(39 x 27 cm at 300 dpi)

size packed: 685MB
size unpacked 1.74GB

rar | 14 part | 685MB | 16 images | PSD | 4700 x 3300 Pixels