Dosch Textures - Animal & Creature Eyes

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Dosch Textures: Animal & Creature Eyes

rar | 6 part | 136 MB | 100 models | LWO

Dosch Textures: Animal & Creature Eyes contains more than 100
high-resolution multi-layer eye-textures of animals and creatures.

more than 100 eye-textures
3D eye-models included
all textures are royalty-free

Lighteffects, reflections and coloration are represented extremely realistic. The high-resolution multi-layer-textures are great for close-ups and detailed illustrations as well as impressive reflection-effects in animations. All texture-sets come with a complete 3D-model as well as all necessary texture-channels. So you are able to start directly using them in your projects.

The product contains the following eye-textures: bear, caribou, cats, cougar, crocodile, deer, elephant, fish, fox, frogs, goat, gorilla, lizard, lynx, mountain-lion, owl, tarsier, toads, dinosaurs, aliens, dead-eyes, demons, zombies and monsters.

The high-resolution multi-layer textures include all relevant shader-maps for the material properties like the color-map, bump-map, reflection-map, specularity-map and diffusion-map. They render surfaces with a very realistic appearance & look.

It is especially because of the high resolution (at least 1024x1024 pixel) and the inherent high degree of detail, that these textures are "a must" for any serious 3D-designer. All textures can directly be used in most 3D-animation and CAD applications. Please check out the compatibility list on each product page, which will provide a complete list of software packages which the respective Dosch Product is compatible with.
The textures are provided in the JPEG-format with the highest

LWO format and textures only

rar | 5 part | 136 MB | 100 models | LWO JPG