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Dosch Textures Human Eyes

Posted By: aruncarlos
Dosch Textures Human Eyes

Dosch Textures Human Eyes

Dosch Textures: Human Eyes contains a wide variety of realistic 3D-models of human eyes including the textures. Lighteffects, reflections and coloration are represented extremely realistic. The high-resolution multi-layer-textures are great for close-ups and detailed illustrations as well as impressive reflection-effects in animations.

Dosch Textures Human Eyes

The applications for Dosch Textures: Human Eyes range from character-animation to medical visualization, game-development, illustrations and photorealistic character-design.

Dosch Textures Human Eyes

All texture-sets come with a complete 3D-model as well as all necessary texture-channels. So you are able to start directly using them in your projects.

The high-resolution multi-layer textures include all relevant shader-maps for the material properties like the color-map, bump-map, reflection-map, specularity-map and diffusion-map. They render surfaces with a very realistic appearance & look.


http://rapidshare.de/files/26593860/Dosch_Human_Eyes.part1.rar 48.83 MB
http://rapidshare.de/files/26595208/Dosch_Human_Eyes.part2.rar 47.86 MB
(texture n 3d model in 3DS,cinema4D and LW format)

http://rapidshare.de/files/26596846/Texture_Human_eyes_max.rar 47.89 MB
(same as above but in max format)

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