Flowers and Plants Vector Based Clipart

Posted By: peapod
Flowers and Plants Vector Based Clipart

Flowers and Plants Vector Based Clipart
52.49 meg RAR rapidshare | .wmf format |100's of floral/plant vector images
Beautiful flowers/plants illustrative vector-based clipart

From retail-purchased CDR Image Library called "Art Explosion". Hundreds of Flowers, Plants, Mushrooms and more; all illustrative, color and BW; .wmf format, a typical file is 24 megs at 3000 x 3000 pixels.

You will need a vector-based art program to open. (I had to transfer them to another format to open in PS). Beautiful nature images, frames, borders, lots of variety and styles. A treasure for the graphic artist/designer. Not real sure of DPI since I couldn't open them directly in PS, but I am assuming 300 (not real familiar with .wmf format).

More to come–enjoy. :-)

Download from Rapidshare:

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