Gislane - Another Brazilian Gift

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Gislane - Another Brazilian Gift

Gislane - Another Brazilian Gift (from

Petter met Gislane by complete chance while strolling around the mall in downtown Florianopolis late one evening. It’s lucky for us that fate brought the two together. Her long thick curly hair is the perfect complement to her incredible body and lively attitude. In her downtime she enjoys dancing and hopes to one day find herself on the shores of Miami Beach soaking in the sun.
Working with Petter was the first time Gislane had ever posed nude but she took to the task like a pro, readily enduring over sixteen hours of shooting; and that was just the first day! No rock was left uncovered as the two moved from the studio to lush natural Brazilian locations taking full advantage of their surroundings. It is often said that Brazil is a land of diversity and Gislane certainly proves this to be true given the wide range of looks she was able to pull off despite her inexperience. Brazil is a long way from home for Petter, but the trip was instantly worth it when he crossed paths with Gislane.

Country: Brazil
Height: 168cm (5.51ft)
Weight: 51kg (112lbs)
Age: 18
Description: Luscious dancing dreamer

Gislane - Another Brazilian Gift



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