IconShock Icon Pack Retail Products

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IconShock Icon Pack Retail Products

IconShock Icon Pack Retail Products | 174 MB

IconShock Modern Icon Pack v1.0 Retail

The Modern stock of icons is the ideal collection of professional icons for Corporative and Business oriented applications. Provided with a clean design and soft pastel colors Palette will provide your applications with a serious and sophisticated look. Whenever reaching out for liability in the integration of functionality and User oriented interfaces, this is the perfect stock for your business.


IconShock Soft Icon Pack v1.0 Retail

Soft is the ideal Stock for corporative and business oriented applications. An exquisite combination of pastel colours, and tones of blue and grey that will surely provide your application with the clean-cut, sophisticated design your project needs. Buy Now these software and web icons and give to your application the clean and corporative style you are looking for.


IconShock Future Icon Pack v1.0 Retail

Future is an Amazing stock ideal for software and web applications, web icons perfect for all your application. Give to your application a REAL profesional look with this style of icons and increase the "customer satisfaction" of your users. Your software will look amazing with the future icon collection.