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Posted By: saROMan Plastic Icon Set

Each icon in this collection will be delivered in the following formats, sizes and color states:

Sizes: PNG, GIF & ICO: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 16x16 px


Color Depth: WinXP 32 Bits, 8 bits (256)

Color States:
- Normal: Normal color
- Hot: Contrasted Colors, useful in rollovers, active buttons
- Disabled: Gray Scale colors, useful in inactive buttons. Plastic Icon Set

15 Mb * 4 ,1.2 Mb * 1

Pass : s4r0m4n

Installation : Just put All the Parts in a Dir …Extract iconshock-plastic.rar.005.rar which contains iconshock-plastic.rar.005 And HJ Split….Use it To join all the Parts Togather….