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All design starts with an idea, and generating good ideas is what separates the wheat from the chaff. But unlike software than can easily be learned, the practice of generating ideas is far more complex. In Interaction Design: Process and Inspiration, acclaimed designer Brendan Dawes takes you through some of the processes he employs in his own work. He'll show you how he approaches projects as a series of "sketches," more akin to working with pencil and paper than pushing pixels. From interface design, usability, and using sound to branding, designing for the audience, and experimental approaches, Interaction Design offers an award-winning designer's insight into the techniques he uses every day to push, play, and constantly explore the realm of possibilities in interactive design.

welcome 0:54 (19.4 MB)

Interaction Design: Process and Inspiration
approach 14:43 (22.9 MB)
designing for my mum 10:16 (18.6 MB)
'need to know' design 6:37 (10.5 MB)
welcome to pleasantville 9:21 (15.6 MB)
sketching with code 7:34 (12 MB)
sketching with code (continued) 7:11 (13.1 MB)
twisting data 11:58 (17.5 MB)
everyday ordinary inspiration 4:27 (6.8 MB)
usability vs. enjoyability 10:09 (16.1 MB)
fusing interfaces 9:02 (16.2 MB)
thought space 9:40 (17.4 MB)
touchy feely 4:56 (5.9 MB)



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