InterPoser Pro ver. 1.1.1 Retail for Cinema4D

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InterPoser Pro ver. 1.1.1 Retail for Cinema4D

InterPoser Pro ver. 1.1.1 Retail for Cinema4D | Size: 2,6 Mb
Cinema 4D plugin for importing Poser

InterPoser Professional Edition is a Cinema 4D plugin suite that imports Poser content and scenes adding the ability to texture, pose, morph, and animate the content directly within Cinema 4D.

Importation Features:
Texture image files with Poser 4/ProPack-level material support.
Props, Prop hair, Cameras, and Lights (infinite and spot).
Fully rigged and weighted Figures using Poser-style deformations.
Pose application: pose, animated, MAT, MOR, Inj/Rem, etc.
Master-slave controls: FBM, PBM, JCM, ERC, etc.
Parenting and smartparenting.
Figure locking, JP bulge controls, pose & morph symmetry, body part visibility, including other actions and controls.
Body Part locking, JP bulge controls, dials, including other actions and controls.

Plugin Suite:
Main dialog for import and preferences.
Objects and tags for live Poser content support.
Tool for interactive posing and animating.
Basic Cinema 4D Polygon object conforming to Poser Figures.
Cinema 4D Network Client render-able.
Poser is not actually required for use of the plugin. The only requirements are that Poser content be installed in standard Runtime folder structures employed by Poser and that these Runtimes are referenced by InterPoser Pro.

Compatible with Cinema 4D R82, R85, R91 & R96+ & R10

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