C'est La Vie (English Comic Strips)

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Jennifer Babcock, "C'est La Vie", | 2003-2004-2005-2006 Years | GIF | ~52 Mb | 825 Images

I never feel like I do my strip justice, but here's my feeble attempt to try to explain what C'est la Vie is all about: I suppose one could say that it's basically about the life of Mona Montrois, a cynical, chain-smoking young Frenchwoman who doesn't see any point to her life, or to existence at all, but has secret hopes that there is something greater in store for her. The strip is about human nature – studied mainly through Mona's introspective thoughts, her relationships with others, and her reactions toward her so- called mundane and dreary environment. (Jennifer Babcock)

C'est La Vie archive is available for free on Jennifer Babcock's website:


I've packed all the strips up to 02/13/2006 for convenience.