Jim DiVitale Tonal Control in Digital Photography WinMac

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Gain an understanding of tonal range and how to adjust lighting and exposures using techniques like Luminosity Masking, Light Painting and creative ways of combining multiple exposures.

Contents disk:

Lesson 1 : Understanding Tonal Range
The different ways of adjusting tonal range are demonstrated.

Lesson 2 : Luminosity Mask Corrections
Using the luminosity contrast mask to adjust shadow exposure.

Lesson 3 : Light Painting Corrections
Creating light and dark exposures and painting them together with layer masking.

Lesson 4 : Creative Light Painting
Shooting two exposures of the toys and painting them together for creative lighting effects.

Lesson 5 : Portrait Light Painting
Using the light painting techniques to enhance portrait photography.

Lesson 6 : Batch Processing Corrections
Using batch processing to correct exposure for a group of similar images.

Lesson 7 : Outdoor Tonal Corrections
Creating contrast masks to control harsh outdoor lighting conditions.

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