Daz3D Light Dome Pro

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Daz3D Light Dome Pro

Daz3D Light Dome Pro
PC | Rar | 8Mb | FTP2Share

Add incredible light and shadows to your DAZ|Studio outdoor scenes in a matter of seconds! Realistic Sky and Sun Light - as easy as load/merge and render!


* 5 Resolutions
o Draft
o V-Low
o Low
o Medium
o High
* 2 Versions
o Basic
o Extended
* 5 Presets
o Mid-Day
o Sunset
o Night
o Night ML
o Cloudy
* 16 Matching Sky Photo Backgrounds
o 4 Mid-Day Photos
o 4 Sunset Photos
o 4 Night Photos
o 4 Cloudy Photos
* Powerful and Easy to Use
* As simple as load/merge and render
* Fully adjustable Sun/Sky color, intensity, position and angle
* Fully adjustable Ambient color and intensity
* Up to 78 Sky Lights
* Up to 16 Sun Lights
* 24 Ambient Lights
* Incredible shadows that get softer and softer the greater the distance from the objects that casts them
* Works with any outdoor scene
* Switch resolution / version / preset at any time
* Live Open GL preview of sun/sky light - makes designing easy
* Design your scene first and add the LDP later or vice versa
* Add your own lights or use the LDP as is
* Requires Daz|Studio or later

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