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Marlin Studios - Downtown Surfaces & Signs

Posted By: efr

Marlin Studios - Downtown Surfaces & Signs | JPG, TGA | 163 Mb

This ultimate library of city textures allows you to create a detailed street scene or an entire cityscape. Textures are provided for both modern and older cities. A special bonus is an incredibly detailed, Viewpoint city block mesh, which normally retails for $595, yours to use royalty free in your work.

The CD-Rom contains two subgroups: 391 city textures, and 105 signs. Included in both are many clip maps with alpha channel transparency. Among the major city texture categories are: 16 roof antennae (clip maps), 8 concretes, 38 doors, 5 graffiti's, 8 grates, 22 street and traffic lights (clip maps), 10 metals, 8 roads, 12 rooftops, 65 skyscrapers, and 158 walls. Other categories include textures for bank ATM's, telephones, fire hydrant, fire escape, parking lots, windows, and woods. The sign categories include commercial, danger, parking, pedestrian, speed and traffic.

The city textures come in 3 categories: Large (approx. 1600x1200), Medium (66% of Large) and Small (33% of Large). An additional bonus is a collection of cloud, landscape, water and snow photographs.. These textures are also great for 3D art, games, high-end web design, print media, virtual film sets, commercial video, visualizations, or any application requiring the depiction of castles, stone walls, bridges, fireplaces, floors, fences, or exterior decor. They also lend themselves to many uses in 2D graphics programs, such as background patterns in Adobe Photoshop. The textures can be used on all major platforms: PC, Mac, Alpha, and Amiga.

U can view samples here


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