Marlin Studios Seamless Textures 4 - Classic Stonework

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Marlin Studios Seamless Textures 4 - Classic Stonework

Marlin Studios Seamless Textures 4 - Classic Stonework
JPG - Large (1152x768), Medium (66% of Large), Small (33% of Large)
RAR (7 part) | 630 Mb | JPG | 348 Textures | Rapidshare

Features 348 seamless and tileable textures with bump maps, all presented in three sizes (largest 1152x768), taken from photographs of hundred-years-old stonework in Europe and North America.

These are unique textures you can't find anywhere else. Photographer/3D Artist Sebastien Houde captured these textures from actual castles and château's in and around Paris and Quebec City. The collection in itself is an architectural photo essay demonstrating the evolution of

stonework during the last half of this millennium. Just viewing the textures is a trip back into a time, when stone was the major building material.

But the stonework can also be used for contemporary applications, such as architectural renderings. These textures are also great for 3D art,

games, high-end web design, print media, virtual film sets, commercial video, visualizations, or any application requiring the depiction of

castles, stone walls, bridges, fireplaces, floors, fences, or exterior decor. They also lend themselves to many uses in 2D graphics programs, such as background patterns in Adobe Photoshop. The textures can be used on all major platforms: PC, Mac, Alpha, and Amiga.

The Numbers
 348 textures - all seamless and tileable
 3 resolutions: Large (1152x768), Medium (66% of Large), Small (33% of Large)
 Matching bump (elevation) maps
 6 Logical texture categories
 11 Printable indexed thumbnail pages make finding textures easy

 All textures created from high-resolution photos.
 Created by Photographer/3D artist Sebastien Houde, with editing by Tom Marlin
 All textures and bumps tested for functionality in graphics programs
 Seamless textures and bump maps in convenient, maximum-quality, 24-bit JPG format for lower file sizes and use on most platforms
 Textures may be used royalty free in other graphics images

 General-purpose 2D and 3D computer art and animation
 2D and 3D computer games
 Architectural renderings
 2D print layout applications
 Web content development
 Film industry CGI
 Engineering/product design and concept

System Requirements
 Any PC supporting computer graphics
 CD Player
 PC-Windows/Mac/Amiga/DEC platform


DOUBLE BONUS! Includes 2 highly detailed Viewpoint 3D models, a castle and chateau

plus . . . 100 stone building photos taken in Paris and Quebec City, for reference and artistic inspiration.