Marlin Studios Seamless Textures 7 - Great Textures of Europe

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Marlin Studios - Seamless Textures 7 - Great Textures of Europe

This unique library brings you 815 of the deep, rich textures you'll find only in the great cities of Europe: Venice, Rome, Athens, Paris and other classic Old-world cities. And all textures are either seamlessly tileable or clip maps with transparency defined, with three sizes for each texture. Shot on location throughout Europe. You'll find everything from mulit-layered stucco surfaces to hand-carved, lions head doorknockers. There are plenty of doors, windows, entryways, surfaces, and detailed trim items with alpha channel transparency.

Images are presented in two sizes: Medium (1024x768) and Small.

- 815 textures in high-quality JPG format – includes 35 clip maps (1630 total)
- 815 matching bump maps (1630 total)
- 5 Logical texture categories
- Browser based index displays thumbnails, and includes location where texture photos were shot
- Created by renowned texture artist Geoff Holman
- All textures and bump maps tested for functionality in graphics programs
- Textures may be used royalty free in other graphics images (see License Agreement)

415 MB unpacked

RAR (11 part) | 316 MB | JPG TGA | 815 Textures