Masha - 3ds max model (REPOST)

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Masha - 3ds max model (REPOST)

Masha - 3ds Max model
.MAX | 9,4 MB
Realistic 3d model of young woman named Masha for 3dsMax 5 and higher

The model has perfect edge-loops based topology with rational polygons count.Detailed anatomy and skin shading makes this model good for close-up render. model rigged by CharacterStudio4 biped+Physique and ready for animation.

Facial animation provided with 'morpher' modifier, model has 10 morph targets + variable eye pupil (see preview), all of that can be easily animated by an on-screen sliders.

3 type of hairs are included, the hairs are created as an alpha-textured mesh objects and does not require any additional plugs.

File also includes all shown garments, rigged in the same way as a body. for non-tight-fitting clothes (skirt and laps of dress) for best simulation you may use one of free-downloadable cloth simulation plug-ins.

The model is render-ready. Materials & high-res textures are included.

Note: the model includes ALL shown parts. to see hidden objects in scene, please go to 3dsMax 'display' tab and press 'unhide all' button.

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Download: (File size: 9.4MB)