Marlin Studios - Panoramica Land & Sky

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Marlin Studios - Panoramica Land & Sky

Make your 3D scenes complete with 180 / 240 / 360-degree and Hemispherical Panoramas! This is a MUST HAVE for every graphics artist's toobox. Extra large textures (9,0000 pixle range) plus bonuses!

Frustrated with background placement and 3D camera view limitations? There is no product on the market like Panoramica. It's a groundbreaking land and sky panorama texture library that lets you place your camera anywhere in an outdoor scene, and gives you full hemispherical movement of your 3D camera. It's also an ultra-photorealistic lighting and shadowing system, when used with radiosity. The panoramas actually become a light source in the radiosity solution. True panoramas shot with Noblex Panoramic Camera.

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