Marlin Studios - People N Motion - Casual Attire

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Marlin Studios - People N Motion - Casual Attire

Populate your graphics worlds with animated people alpha map textures in both business & casual attire - both walking & standing
- Use in any 3D or 2D Program
- Competitively Priced
- Use in 3D Animations
- Composite Single Frames
- Total on both Libraries: 77 Characters
in 69 Animations
Sequential alpha channel Images add walking and standing people to your scenes. High number of looping frames create unbelievable lifelike characters that walk across your screen . . . you'll think you're watching a live video feed ! See animation below to believe.

Have you wanted to add characters to your animations and still scenes? Now you can, without using posed 3D models. Rather than spending painstaking days posing figures and then animating them, you can now create an even more realistic effect by using animated clip maps.

These are photos taken from video frames of real humans walking naturally, or people standing in one place, gesturing as if speaking, talking on cell phones, turning book pages, examining objects and much more.

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