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Mudbox Beta2 rev. 1213

Posted By: heavendew
Mudbox Beta2 rev. 1213

Mudbox Beta2 rev. 1213

Mudbox Beta2 rev. 1213 | 13,3 Mb

So what's the deal? Is Mudbox … real?
Mudbox is a friendly sculpting, detailing, and design tool developed by three experienced cg artists, a group of whiz programmers, and a beta team composed of some of the planet's top vfx and gaming production companies and artists. It's a standalone application that, in our experience, slides smoothly into company pipelines and artist workflows.

Who is developing it?
Mudbox is developed by a New Zealand company called Skymatter Ltd.

What can it do? Will it solve world hunger?
Mudbox can do some things and not do some things. Our background with highend cg productions informs the focus and priorities of Mudbox's design and feature implementation. As Mudbox is currently in its first beta, there are plenty of features and improvements planned, but Mudbox already offers production proven solutions to important portions of the asset creation pipeline. More information about features and solutions will become available next month.

Beta Testers application form :

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