Optitex 9.5 - With Emulator

Posted By: jei
YOu never will find it complete in the emule… please, upload to mirrors later, i want a premium account in megaupload. sorry for the parts, but i dont have a good internet connection. :) opti.part01.rar opti.part02.rar opti.part03.rar opti.part04.rar opti.part05.rar part06.rar opti.part07.rar opti.part08.rar opti.part09.rar opti.part10.rar opti.part11.rar opti.part12.rar opti.part13.rar opti.part14.rar opti.part15.rar opti.part16.rar opti.part17.rar opti.part18.rar opti.part19.rar opti.part20.rar opti.part21.rar opti.part22.rar opti.part23.rar Optitexreg.rar instruction_optitex.txt

Decompress the file part6.rar to get the file opti.part06.rar .. .SOrry, but my i dont know why i cant upload the file with that name.

Pass: NONE..



Here is the depositfiles mirror of files 2 and 10 PART2 PART10