Outlaw By Design Graphics (Graphics For Photoshop, PSP, Poser etc...[/

Posted By: sabaa
Outlaw By Design Graphics (Graphics For Photoshop, PSP, Poser etc...
These are the first of 86 sections, if these are accepted as a new thread I will post all of the other sections in the next day or two. These can be used in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or any other graphics program. All images are in .psp format which can easily be converted to .psd format (To do so, open up Paint Shop Pro, click on "File", select "Batch" then select "Process". When the Batch Process window opens, under "Files To Process" select "Browse" and navigate to wherever you have the files saved and choose all the files that you want to convert. Under "Save Options" change "Type" to "Photoshop (*.psd)" and click on "Start").

These graphics are top quality and are amoung the best and come from a paid membership site. The images that I have provided is just a small sample of the graphics for each section.

Bad Girls / 87 images (19.60mb):


Ballerina / 105 images (22.80mb):


Balloons / 29 images (2.70mb):


Banners / 22 images (10.00mb):


Birds / 60 images (10.20mb):


Bows / 14 images (963kb):


Butterflies / 69 images (11.20mb):


Cars / 41 images (11.00mb):


Cats Domestic / 35 images (8.24mb):


Cats Wild / 34 images (8.96mb):