Photoshop Secrets - Special FX Video CD-ROM

Posted By: ZeeshanMirAlam
Photoshop Secrets - Special FX Video CD-ROM

Photoshop Secrets - Special FX Video CD-ROM | 600Mb

The Photoshop Secrets - Special FX Video CD-ROM from PhotoshopCafe includes tutorials for 19 stunning effects that will give your images a stunning and fresh appearance. You'll learn the secrets of the pros in plain English with a warm conversational style, without the technical jargon that can be so confusing. The fast loading CD ROM contains almost 2 hours of sharp 800 x 600 video with crisp, clear sound, and the advanced interface allows you to instantly jump to any of the 19 lessons with complete control over the playback. The CD-ROM also includes many unflattened Photoshop files (.psd format) so you can understand how the images are assembled, and easily duplicate the results. The CD-ROM is compatible with Windows and Macintosh Systems.
Key Features
The following is a complete list of included Special Effects tutorials:

1. Pixel stretch
2. Pop art colorizing
3. Segmented chrome tentacles
4. Grunge text
5. Thermal vision
6. Rap diamonds
7. Sparkle brushes
8. Liquid splashes
9. Text in a shape
10. Curtain / Displacement map
11. Custom outline
12. Toxic waste
13. CS branding
14. Futuristic metal tiles
15. Chiseled marble
16. Clipping Paths (Filling with texture)
17. Glass orb
18. Magnifying glass
19. 3D lathing (Glass goblet)