Elgorithms Magic Tracer v1.0

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Elgorithms Magic Tracer v1.0

MagicTracer is a
for Windows that delivers accurate results at a very affordable price. Many times a low quality image is used because one may lack the time and other resources neccessary to convert a bitmap to vectors.

Generally a graphic artist or vector tracing specialist would spend lots of time tracing the bitmap to make the final vector drawing. MagicTracer increases the efficiency of individuals who are constantly tracing bitmaps by saving them time.

Elgorithms Magic Tracer v1.0

MagicTracer automatically converts bitmaps to high-quality vector drawings. Some applications of it include tracing logos, maps, blueprints, and illustrations.

MagicTracer is useful for converting low resolution scans to infinitely scalable vectors. Much faster than hand tracing, the conversion process is a simple 2-step process. First the raster image is converted to a clean black and white bitmap. Then vectors are traced over this image using custom settings that can be tweaked in a real-time preview.

The following list contains some of the best reasons to use the MagicTracer raster to vector conversion program:

1. Support for image scanners
2. Support for raster image formats: BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, TGA, PCX, etc.
3. Includes both raster and vector editing tools
4. Vector conversion settings for different types of images
5. Exports to DXF for editing in CAD (Such as AutoCAD) and Vector (Such as Adobe Illustrater; Flash) programs
6. Real-time previews for raster filters and vector conversion settings
7. Step-by-step tutorials and documentation of the commands are included

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