Rene Magritte

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Rene Magritte

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Magritte's paintings administer disruptive shocks because they subvert the viewer's expectations based on logic and common sense.

Belgian surrealist painter Rene Francois Ghislain Magritte was born in 1898, the son of a merchant. His first solo exhibition took place in Brussels in 1927, at which point he had already begun to paint in the surrealistic style thatdominated his long career.
Magritte's paintings combine a misleading sense of realism with a mocking irony. The startling quality of his art originates from his unusual use of common images extraordinarily juxtaposed with unusual contexts that give new meaning to these familiar things. The juxtaposition is frequently termed magical realism, of which Magritte was the prime exponent. Like other surrealists, his art challenges us to relinquish the assumptions we have of what art should be, yet he does not rely on dreamy, hallucinogenic images that are the staples of surrealism; his fascinating images emerge from the mysteries of reality and the visible world around us. Accompanied by images of the artist's greatest work.



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